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Sustainable action

Care and determination

Our attitude and goals

We at MEGGLE know, our actions have an impact on people and nature. Sustainability and responsibility for the environment and society – also in the interests of future generations – therefore determine our daily actions. We make our business decisions taking into account their short-term impact as well as their long-term impact on the environment and our social responsibility.

With the involvement of our diverse stakeholders, we have developed our strategic measures for the sustainable development of the company and linked them to clear responsibilities and goals.

„We act in an environmentally conscious and socially responsible manner. Only in this way the sustainable development of the MEGGLE Group can be driven forward in the long term.”

Marcus Hormuth, COO

Social responsibility

Our employees

At MEGGLE we attach particular importance to trusting, appreciative and fair dealings with each other as well as individual development conditions. They are the key to long-term growth and company success. Our talent management system and our personnel development strategy focus on people: we encourage our employees to pursue further training and invest in their personal and professional development.

MEGGLE gives all employees equal opportunities – regardless of gender, age, origin, religion, sexual orientation or a possible restriction. The safety and health of our employees has the highest priority.

Our local environment

MEGGLE is involved in a variety of ways in the social environment of the company locations. This applies not only to the region around our headquarters in Wasserburg, but also to all locations where we operate worldwide. We support non-profit projects and various organizations that are committed to the common good and support people in need.


Our contribution to a future worth living

For MEGGLE, based on our strategy, we rely on extensive measures and goals to reduce CO2 emissions, water, wastewater and waste management.


Our binding specifications and clear guidelines

At MEGGLE we rely on corporate management with guidelines that offer binding and clearly defined orientation for employees and business partners.

Supply Chains

Our understanding of collaboration

At MEGGLE we are convinced that we must promote an understanding of sustainability, transparency and cooperation within the supply chains in order to successfully master the shared challenges of our time and achieve continuous improvements.

We work closely with our suppliers and are aware of our diverse responsibility for environmental and social issues in the supply chain.

MEGGLE Sustainability Reports

All information on sustainability at a glance

Would you like to know more about the concrete contribution MEGGLE makes in the field of sustainability? In the MEGGLE Group’s Sustainability Report, we provide information on progress in implementing our sustainability goals and transparently show which approaches and measures we are pursuing in order to live up to our economic, ecological and social responsibility.

Do you have questions about sustainability?