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Staff meeting at MEGGLE

The Chairman of the Executive Board, Matthias Oettel, reported on a challenging but successful a challenging but successful business year. Tax-free bonus announced to 1,500 MEGGLE employees throughout Germany.

The management of MEGGLE GmbH & Co. KG convened a staff meeting for the workforce in Wasserburg. CEO Matthias Oettel welcomed all those present and explained how challenging the current 2022 business year had been. Costs for energy, packaging or logistics had increased enormously. “Despite the tense economic situation and the uncertainty surrounding energy supply, we were able to achieve good results in all areas,” Matthias Oettel summarised. This applies to all areas, both Consumer and Functional products. Flexibility, quick and decisive decisions with regard to investments and immediate reaction to constantly changing markets were essential.

In the coming year, he said, the company will reinvest the money earned to secure jobs in the factories. “70 million euros are planned for new investments, 21 million euros for maintenance at the Wasserburg site”. The Chairman of the Executive Board, also on behalf of the Meggle entrepreneur couple, expressed special thanks to the staff present for their tireless commitment and collegial cooperation. As a signal of appreciation for this performance, all 1,500 employees at the three locations in Germany (Wasserburg, Altusried and Gebesee) will be paid an additional 600 euros as part of the tax-free bonus made possible by the state.